My Credentials

Professional Diploma in Life Coaching
DBT Essentials Accreditation Level 1 – APT
– Train the Trainer
– Association of Coaching member

Fun facts about me

I love nature and the colour green…if you have not already noticed

All of us are in search of self acceptance and living intentionally. This journey is different for everyone.

Loving myself was a massive challenge I overcame. When I was growing up there was little representation of dark skinned black women in the media. When I saw women of colour they played roles of the angry, opinionated and strong black woman.

This started the discourse that I should not voice my opinion, I should be nice despite my true feelings and I should take on the pressure no matter how close I was to breaking point. Whilst navigating the shoulds I decided to work in a field that was known for being stressful. I reached burn out.

Internalising my negative emotions I ate and engaged in behaviours that did not serve who I wanted to be come.

This is the happy part..My Breakthrough!

I came across Lisa Nichols, then Les brown and The Secret. It was comforting to learn I was not alone in how I felt – stressed, at rock bottom and anxious.

I learned I had the power to change. I deserved more. I could be more. All I had to do was set clear goals, work out the obstacles and remain consistent whilst challenging limiting beliefs.

Using my personal transformation and professional training I help overwhelmed professional women who are at a crossroad in life. Who want to strategically take their life to the next level with purpose and intention.

Imagine if you could:

· Use clarity and confidence to create opportunities for professional growth such as promotions, career changes and implement business strategies.

· Courageously explore personal expansion such as starting healthy lifestyle, restore relationships, look after your well-being and increase mental wellness.

· Achieve goal(s) you originally set two or more years ago.

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