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All of us are in search of self acceptance and this journey varies for everyone.

Here is my journey…

Loving myself was a massive challenge I overcame. When I was growing up there was little representation of dark skinned black women in the media. When I saw women of colour they played roles of the angry, opinionated and strong black woman.

I was not able to buy beauty products for my complexion in local beauty supply stores. This reinforced the feelings of unworthiness and difference because I did not fit into homogeneous society.

This started the discourse that I should not voice my opinion, I should be nice despite my true feelings and I should take on the pressure no matter how close I was to the breaking point. Whilst navigating the shoulds I was overlooked and bullied for being dark skinned by my peers. Told by family members that I should use skin lightening creams.

Adding to feelings of not belonging and invisible. I experienced microaggressions which led me to start questioning my identity and where I fit in society.

In my quest to feel attractive and accepted I ended up in toxic relations that stripped away any self-love I had. Internalising my negative emotions I ate which led to poor image and low self esteem. These lived experiences were further compounded by work pressures to perform whilst maintaining a happy home …whatever that meant.

This is the happy part..My Breakthrough!

I came across Lisa Nichols, then Les brown and The secret. It was comforting to learn I was not alone in how I felt – unwanted, at rock bottom and anxious.

I learned I had the power to change. I deserved more. I could be more. All I had to do was change my mindset.

Once I understood people brought their own experiences and learned behaviours into relationships. I needed to work on me.

Using my personal transformation and professional training I help women who are operating in a space of lack to:

  • Believe they are worthy.
  • Use clarity and confidence to create opportunities for professional growth such as promotions, career changes, implement business strategies.
  • Courageously explore personal expansion such as starting healthy lifestyle, restore relationships, look after their well-being and increase mental wellness.

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