Welcome I am Annette, as we all know life is constantly evolving. When something happens in our lives, we may ask ourselves what next? how can I navigate this situation? Things are going well but I feel something is missing. How we respond to change impacts what we do and how we feel about ourselves as well as others or the world.

Why work with me?

I am an experienced Life coach with a wealth of knowledge. I was a Social worker for 5 years working with people with mental illness and poor physical health.

I work with professional women who want more but unsure how to intentionally plan for change and execute their vision in their work or personal life. Build their internal strengths to enhance their personal effectiveness.Using my expertise in problem solving, assessing, developing person centred support plans, use of power questions to challenge client’s way of thinking. Enable me to get to the root cause and identify themes that are preventing clients from personal growth. I hold clients accountable to their goals because goals cannot be achieved without ownership.

Most importantly I have lived experience of poor esteem, overwhelm, microaggressions and stress. I understand where you are.

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I am here to help

“So many things are possible, just as long as you don’t know they are impossible.”

–Norton Juster

Why not work with a personal development and accountability coach?

Life can be unpredictable and turbulent. It is helpful to work with a personal development and accountability coach for an external perspective. To gain focus on what you want out of life and be clear on how you can get to where you want to be. This can include difficulties related to personal relationships, work, health and more. It is about what is important to you.

Personal development and Accountability coaching are separate areas of coaching however they complement one another. It depends on where you are on your journey.

Personal development coaching

  • Explores thoughts blocking personal development.
  • Discover life purpose.
  • Improve self-awareness.
  • Learn from failures.
  • Recognize internal strengths.
  • Build healthy relationships.
  • Improve health Improve communication skills.
  • Improve confidence.
  • Ability to honour yourself in all situations.
  • Set boundaries built on self-respect.
  • Ability to enhance your strengths to get ahead in your personal and professional life.
  • View your perceived weaknesses without judgement.

Accountability coaching

  • Clarify your vision of where you want to be.
  • Strategically plan and execute goals.
  • Reviews inconsistencies that prevent you from achieving goal(s).
  • Setting realistic goal(s).
  • Improved productivity.
  • Improved focus.
  • Better time management.
  • Reduce procrastination.
  • Increase intention.
  • Courage to take risks to move forward on your goal(s).
I have a proven track record of helping women to regain their authentic self so they can live a deep and purposeful life filled with happiness

Client success stories…

Sade B. April 2019

Since starting my life coaching sessions with Annette, I’ve been manifesting my goals like crazy in such a short space of time. Annette’s sessions have really helped me to put my goals into perspective and offers sound advice when my goals need “reshaping”.

We had bi-weekly calls to track my progress and reflect on what we discussed in the last session and to see what is changed since. I would highly recommend life coaching sessions with Annette, and she is the BEST cheerleader too!

The warmest regards,

Sade x

Nicola G. March 2019

My problem was self-doubt in my own abilities and how to take the next step in my business. I was unclear on where to start.

I was confused and overwhelmed. From our first conversation I knew Annette was the one who could help. She was reassuring, calming and had great insight.

Now I feel more focused and in control around my business thanks to Annette. She is a really good listener and is able to identify things that are hidden from view.

If you are feeling overwhelmed confused you need to see this lady.

Allison B. April 2019

Annette was able to help unlock the solution to the way forward for me.  She was non-judgemental and provided me with achievable steps towards achieving my goals.  Annette also suggested using the same means of organisation as I do in my work which made perfect sense.   My change was not immediate, but she was patient and supportive.  As we scheduled in the following appointments, it was also useful for me to have someone whom I was accountable to….

On a more general level, having now achieved tangible goals, I feel more confident about setting myself new sights by adopting the same methods that Annette used with me.
Ultimately, I would fully recommend investing in Annette’s life coaching. She has literally changed my life… to read the full success story click on client success stories.

Are you ready to live intentionally?

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